Interzone Music Publishing is an independent music publisher associated with Freibank Musikverlage (Hamburg, Germany). Founded in 1999 by Mark Chung and Klaus Maeck, it serves as a UK based publisher administering international music writers signed directly or subpublished from Freibank Musikverlage.

For over 30 years Freibank has been recommended as an active music publisher and marketer. The annual „for films“ compilation has become an ideal source of ideas for the dubbing of films and commercials of all kinds. Our repertoire regularly finds its way into feature films and documentaries, TV films and series, magazine articles, games and websites. The professionals in the agencies and production companies, editors, directors and producers appreciate our service as music supervisors, because we clarify all necessary rights as needed. And: we negotiate reasonable usage licenses on a partnership basis. Contact us: or phone 040 – 31 00 90 Or search music now!


Burnt Friedman  

Patric Catani   

Nitro Karsten Fischer


f i s c h e r 

Mona Mur

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